Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

Your condescension is always much appreciated, Arthur. Thank you.

it was worth a shot.
I dont believe that intelligence
can be accurately quantified,
but I do have an IQ of 187,
an eidetic memory and can
read 20,000 words per
minute. Yes, Im a genius.

welcome :)
My name is Penélope Ziva Louise and I am a fourteen year old girl from England...

all about moi ♥
• 18/05/1995
• speaks English, French, Spanish and German
• loves math
• science geek and techno nerd
• loves trying new things
• adores crime dramas
• grade 6 singer and grade 6 pianist
• script-writer and actress


NCIS. Inception. Castle. Criminal Minds. The Mentalist. Merlin. Dark Angel. Glee. CSI: Miami. CSI: New York. Warehouse 13. Doctor Who. Torchwood. Chuck. Leverage.


Tony/Ziva. Tony/Kate. Ziva/McGee. Ziva/Gibbs. Kate/Gibbs. Gibbs/Jenny. Abby/McGee. Kate/Ari. Ariadne/Arthur. Ariadne/Eames. Arthur/Eames. Ariadne/Arthur/Eames. Beckett/Castle. Ryan/Esposito. Beckett/Esposito. Beckett/Ryan. JJ/Reid. Reid/Prentiss. Elle/Hotch. Prentiss/Hotch. Morgan/Penelope. Jane/Lisbon. Van Pelt/Rigsby. Morgana/Arthur. Merlin/Gwen. Rachel/Finn. Finn/Quinn. Quinn/Puck. Rachel/Puck. Calleigh/Eric. Stella/Mac. Lindsay/Danny. Myka/Pete. Ianto/Jack. Jack/Gwen. Gwen/Owen. Tosh/Owen. Chuck/Sarah. Sarah/Casey. Parker/Hardison. Nathan/Sophie.

♥ my obsessions ♥
» ncis » criminal minds » merlin » the mentalist » ncis stills » icontest ncis » criminal minds lims » coté daily » criminal minds lims » castle lims » layout » profile code

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